Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paring Down...

As I look forward, after plenty of time looking back as I sorted out the many changes that occurred and decided that, in the long-run, all the changes had an overall positive overall outlook, I realize that if I want to take off on some future adventures, I'll need to pare down some of my ways of life.

I love books, and I don't think I'll ever go the route of the kindle or other eReader, as I like the stiff feel of the pages beneath my fingers. However, books are expensive, and even folks who re-read books numerous times (I'm one) eventually reach the end of a book's readability. I have books, on top of books, on top of books. I've sold a few on Amazon and it works on in demand titles. I need to diminish my book stacks, and I'm going to make that a priority in the next months. I'll get a library card and enjoy the free borrow and timely return of books, while I work on selling, giving away and otherwise donating my collection.

I have a lot of other stuff, too. Clothes. Shoes. Electronics. Gadgets. I don't really need it all. So, I'm thinking that a cleaning of house yard sale will be happening in the near future, before it gets too darned cold.

There will be certain things I keep on hand, of course. I'm not going to get rid of, or quit adding to< my record collection or my MP3 collection (storage of that is quite easy...of course). And I still love craft and art projects, and luckily am cohabiting with an incredible artist, who understands and appreciates the need for supplies in bulk and quantity. There will also soon be a change in the way these works of art and craft are distributed, to be detailed in a future post.

If I think there's anything that anyone might want, I'll happily post here and on Facebook and offer up first dibs!

Here's to paring down, which will allow me to save up for some future adventures!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Seeking New Adventures

If you've read a past post or two, you know it has been a couple years of pretty big change for this girl named Mallie Dein. I'll go ahead and say that in the long run, all changes have helped me come out a better person, though some of them were quite difficult at the time.

As we roll into fall with cooler temperatures optimal for mountain biking, hiking and trail running in the Southeast, I realize I am ready to look for some more change. Change in the guise of some adventures.

Not races. I fully admit that any real sense of competition with others left me long ago, even when I was still trying to race. I spent the bulk of my early life, right up to adulthood competing at a fairly intense level, soccer, and I have no desire to try for podiums or fancy medals, although I do like finisher prizes. I do like to finish things.

So, I'm going to be looking for opportunities, seeking new adventures. Looking for things to finish. New trails for hiking, biking and some trail running. So, don't be too shocked when I beg for space on your couch, or ask if I can sleep in the back of the Aztek in your driveway.

More to come...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ruts & For Granted

I, like anyone else at one point or another in his or her life, have taken something or someone for granted. And, like anyone else, I have felt horrible for doing so.

I'm a person who can quite easily fall into ruts. I don't mind being alone, sometimes it's easier than trying to fit in with the group. Folks who have known me for a long time tend to forget that I'm actually quite quiet and shy at the beginning...only later do I let go and talk, talk, talk. That ease with and willingness to be alone, often means I don't go out of my way to make time "with" my friends. Time "for" my friends isn't an issue. I think anyone who calls me a friend will say that when needed, I am there.

But, this is about the rut I'm digging myself, about me acknowledging that I need to get out of it and start working on that time "with". It's difficult to make the best use of your free time when you have so very much on your plate. But we all have very full plates, and we all manage our time the best we can. I just need to ensure that I manage to arrange more of my time as "with" friends time.

It doesn't have to be expensive. My real friends know that I'm starting a new business venture and that money's sometimes an issue. And it doesn't have to be "exciting" in the way that going out tended to be when we were younger. I enjoy a nice healthy meal and talking as much as a night out on the town. And it doesn't have to be "impressive". I'm no longer worried with how I appear to the "in" crowd. I never fit there and now I can honestly say I'm happy I didn't.

It does have to be important. I have to make it important. I have to make it a priority. And I have to be more spontaneous and just go with the flow, which is very hard for an anal-retentive, details before impulse, kind of person like me. But I know I can do it, and I know my real friends will hold me to making it important and a priority.

Friday, October 22, 2010


It's been a change filled couple of years, and I thought a brief synopsis might fill in any of you who aren't quite up to pace on all that has been going in during the 2+ years I've been away from regular blogging, and might help explain some upcoming topics this blog might consider.

  • Took a job at a television station, working on the web site, but somehow it was decided I should go on air...so I did. Did a weekly segment on coffee.
  • Got divorced after ten years of marriage
  • Got rid of my geared hardtail and went rigid and singlespeed (still 29er)
  • Gave up meat and embraced fruitatarianism (I'm still learning to love my veggies)
  • Met, dated, fell in love and moved in with a guy who couldn't be more right for me
  • Tacked on two male roommates in the move- in with the fella
  • Introduced the new guy, Derek, to mountain and road biking, I think he's hooked!
  • Left my job at the television station and moved back to freelance digital design and marketing

It's not a really long list, but the changes vary in their depth and intensity. Some hurt terribly at the time, but, in the long run were good things. Some have simply made me happier, stronger and healthier.

I'd guess that each and every one of those topics will get hit from time to time in this new blogging adventure. Some other topics, which you'll surely remember from back in the day, will probably include: arts and crafts, crochet, cooking, indie music, books and more.

So, it's all sort of on now, I guess. You know what, for the most part, this blog will be about. It will meander from mountain biking to cooking without meat. From single crochet to singlespeed riding and back. You might see some cool music videos and hear about my latest favorite reads and recipes.

Hope that will work for some of you!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A real return to the blog...

It's been rather easy to stay away from blogging, with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare making it so easy to keep people up to date on what's going on daily, hourly, even by the minute.

But my friend Kat said something that's been rolling around in my thoughts for a while. Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites allow for immediacy. Short blurbs that give just the bare minimum when it comes to detail. Kat likes blogging because it tells the full story (or at least as much of the story as you're willing to type) and makes her feel that she knows about what's truly going on.

She's right. And I have missed blogging. Missed the blogging community and the great stories posted by friends across the United States and even across the globe.

I don't know that I'll post anything incredibly groundbreaking. I doubt I'll inspire great works of art or feats of phenomenal athleticism with anything I post to the page. But I'll muse on mountain biking, crafts, music and more and if even one post catches your eye and makes you take some sort of action, even if it's just to laugh at a spill I've taken on the trails...that's enough reason for me to share.

Happy day and happy blogging!