Friday, October 22, 2010


It's been a change filled couple of years, and I thought a brief synopsis might fill in any of you who aren't quite up to pace on all that has been going in during the 2+ years I've been away from regular blogging, and might help explain some upcoming topics this blog might consider.

  • Took a job at a television station, working on the web site, but somehow it was decided I should go on I did. Did a weekly segment on coffee.
  • Got divorced after ten years of marriage
  • Got rid of my geared hardtail and went rigid and singlespeed (still 29er)
  • Gave up meat and embraced fruitatarianism (I'm still learning to love my veggies)
  • Met, dated, fell in love and moved in with a guy who couldn't be more right for me
  • Tacked on two male roommates in the move- in with the fella
  • Introduced the new guy, Derek, to mountain and road biking, I think he's hooked!
  • Left my job at the television station and moved back to freelance digital design and marketing

It's not a really long list, but the changes vary in their depth and intensity. Some hurt terribly at the time, but, in the long run were good things. Some have simply made me happier, stronger and healthier.

I'd guess that each and every one of those topics will get hit from time to time in this new blogging adventure. Some other topics, which you'll surely remember from back in the day, will probably include: arts and crafts, crochet, cooking, indie music, books and more.

So, it's all sort of on now, I guess. You know what, for the most part, this blog will be about. It will meander from mountain biking to cooking without meat. From single crochet to singlespeed riding and back. You might see some cool music videos and hear about my latest favorite reads and recipes.

Hope that will work for some of you!


H.O. Blues said...

OK, so I try to add your blog to my iGoogle blog page and it says this, "Cannot find this page, it may just be Mallie starting another short lived blog and isn't worth my effort,"

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