Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paring Down...

As I look forward, after plenty of time looking back as I sorted out the many changes that occurred and decided that, in the long-run, all the changes had an overall positive overall outlook, I realize that if I want to take off on some future adventures, I'll need to pare down some of my ways of life.

I love books, and I don't think I'll ever go the route of the kindle or other eReader, as I like the stiff feel of the pages beneath my fingers. However, books are expensive, and even folks who re-read books numerous times (I'm one) eventually reach the end of a book's readability. I have books, on top of books, on top of books. I've sold a few on Amazon and it works on in demand titles. I need to diminish my book stacks, and I'm going to make that a priority in the next months. I'll get a library card and enjoy the free borrow and timely return of books, while I work on selling, giving away and otherwise donating my collection.

I have a lot of other stuff, too. Clothes. Shoes. Electronics. Gadgets. I don't really need it all. So, I'm thinking that a cleaning of house yard sale will be happening in the near future, before it gets too darned cold.

There will be certain things I keep on hand, of course. I'm not going to get rid of, or quit adding to< my record collection or my MP3 collection (storage of that is quite easy...of course). And I still love craft and art projects, and luckily am cohabiting with an incredible artist, who understands and appreciates the need for supplies in bulk and quantity. There will also soon be a change in the way these works of art and craft are distributed, to be detailed in a future post.

If I think there's anything that anyone might want, I'll happily post here and on Facebook and offer up first dibs!

Here's to paring down, which will allow me to save up for some future adventures!


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