Monday, October 25, 2010

Seeking New Adventures

If you've read a past post or two, you know it has been a couple years of pretty big change for this girl named Mallie Dein. I'll go ahead and say that in the long run, all changes have helped me come out a better person, though some of them were quite difficult at the time.

As we roll into fall with cooler temperatures optimal for mountain biking, hiking and trail running in the Southeast, I realize I am ready to look for some more change. Change in the guise of some adventures.

Not races. I fully admit that any real sense of competition with others left me long ago, even when I was still trying to race. I spent the bulk of my early life, right up to adulthood competing at a fairly intense level, soccer, and I have no desire to try for podiums or fancy medals, although I do like finisher prizes. I do like to finish things.

So, I'm going to be looking for opportunities, seeking new adventures. Looking for things to finish. New trails for hiking, biking and some trail running. So, don't be too shocked when I beg for space on your couch, or ask if I can sleep in the back of the Aztek in your driveway.

More to come...


cathi said...

come to chattavegas anytime! trails galore to explore... feet + wheels...

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