Monday, November 8, 2010

Battling Boring...

So, I'm thinking something's gotta give. I'm feeling like I'm quite possibly the most boring person on the planet. Let me tell you, it's not a nice feeling...not remotely comforting. It's making me rethink the way I structure my weeks, my work, my play, my exercise, etc.

Something needs to shake up, before being a bit boring morphs into being a cliche and I've alienated those around me with my lack of interest and low level of intrigue.

It's going to involve some thought...and maybe some questions asked of those who haven't already run away screaming. Never fear, I'll ask, once I've thought it through.

It may mean some trips to places unknown, it may mean some more shake-ups in an already well-shaken and still shaky personal and professional life. It may mean shaking my need for order and planning and actually embracing the unknown, looking to fly by the seat of the pants that I've long kept on a seat of structure.

It's just got to give.


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