Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mallie 1; Wind: 0

I'm sure the wind will win another day. But today, despite dry eyes and parched mouth (I was drinking, I promise...it's just hard to battle wind like that without getting a dry mouth) and knees that weren't quite sure why I was asking them to pedal into the wind quite so much, I got in a good two hour ride, no matter what the wind threw at me.

And it threw some pretty strong head and cross winds my way...without ever benefiting me with a tail wind (typical, of course).

The still wet roads, coupled with the wind caused me to leave my tunes at home, yet I still didn't find a reason to limp home early. I settled myself in the saddle and kept spinning, sometimes mashing against the wind on a climb.

And I smiled at everyone I passed, waved at every driver that lifted a hand to me.

A good day of early base training should always make you smile!


Janet Edwards said...

Kudos to you as wind always makes for a tough ride!

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