Friday, November 19, 2010

Unstructured, But Satisfying...

So, this week I've just been kind of going with the flow as it comes to exercise. No real schedule or structure. And it's been nice. Especially for an anal-retentive person like me, it's refreshing every once in a while to really let you and just kinda let things happen how they happen.

There was a good bit of riding, a run, lots of weights, some core...and I enjoyed all of them (my sore pardukey be damned).

I'll start adding in real structure, will track hours and miles starting Sunday. But for right now, I'm enjoying the fruits of a lot of tracking and planning (12 pounds+ lost, skinny pants fitting again, etc.) with a little time just enjoying riding my bike, putting my feet to pavement and swinging (not really...proper form i used) the weights.

Side girly note: You know how sometimes you use your shadow, your silhouette, as a sort of gauge of your overall svelteness? No? Well, I do. And for the first time in way too long, my arms look freaking slender in my shadow when riding. Girls, if you know what I mean, you know why I'm smiling.

Have a great weekend. Back to anal, over-planned and probably over-trained (as I don't have any races in mind) Mallie next week...


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