Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cold Ride Pangs

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know that to most of my blogosphere friends, 50 degree temps aren't cold. But, when you've had an unusually long and warm summer, this is the first real chill I've had to deal with. I wasn't a complete puss. Shorts, and a long sleeved jersey over a tank, full-finger gloves...but I was chilly pretty much the entire ride.

And there were the usual cold weather pangs. My left knee, the one that required rehab in the past, didn't much like my eschewing of a knee warmer. But I want to hold out on the tights and cold weather gear for 20-30 degree rides. My teeth and eyes dealt with pangs of their own, since it was really windy and I forgot glasses, and it certainly wasn't "cold" enough to cover my face. ***Derek laughs at the idea of riding in a balaclava, but I'm thinking it's something good to request from Santa***

And then there were the forgotten hunger pangs. I'd completely forgotten how ravenous I get after cold(er) weather exercise. Almost as hungry as I get after swimming. Thank goodness tonight is our big splurge after weeks of intense eating modification. One big refeed, then back to it, but less extreme. I feel like I could eat the restaurant out of all their supplies!

More on food, and modifications in a future blog...


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