Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Training...For Nothing...At All...But Still Training

So, I'm about at the end of a pretty intensive diet and eating lifestyle change that I tackled with the boyfriend. Intense, in that between the two of us I think we've lost close well over 30 pounds, and neither of us were really big, maybe I'd use the word flubby. Intense in that we did a staggered intake, but still way low calorie intake coupled with hard excercies, often two a days on said extremely low caloric intake.

So, what's the next step while we maintain the weight loss and shed those last few pounds before we hit our optimal weights? Adding in even a few more calories means I can begin actual trail running and riding training again. But training for what? Absolutely nothing at all.

While I like the discipline of a training plan and the ability to eat more (note good food, as we made a lifestyle change...not just a crash diet...more on this in future posts) because I'll be burning more calories with longer and more intense runs and rides...I don't have any desire to race. I haven't managed to grasp and maintain a competitive bug since I quit playing soccer and volleyball in my twenties. I made several stabs, hoping I'd get bit by that bug, but it never happened and I didn't really have fun or enjoy the racing, except on a few occasions.

What do I love? The training itself. I love fitting it in around my already busy life, and I feel more energized and attentive to other parts of my life when I'm working out hard. And I love the idea of some new adventures that can only happen if I build back to the stamina level I've maintained with hard training in the past. I enjoy charity events and fun rides that are epic in nature, but on the scale of the participant, not dependent on a win.

I'm looking into some long day hikes, and maybe even some 2-3 day hikes, as I love to camp. I'm looking at day trips and extended trips to mountain bike trails I've never visited before. Yes, I'll be hitting up many of you for couch space. I'm looking forward to introducing Derek to trails I love that he hasn't had the opportunity to ride, yet. I'd like to try some epic trail runs, as well as rides, even though I have no desire to run in any races.

So, starting Friday, I'll be taking on a training program that I hope will allow me to build back the stamina and strength I've lost in all the changes that took place over the last two years. I'm looking forward to the adventures this kind of training will allow me to tackle, and I plan to share them here.


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